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An Overview of the SBI credit Card

A good credit card choice for those who live in India is the SBI card. There are many types of SBI card that individuals are able to choose from to suit their needs. There are classic cards, premium cards, cards that are good for shopping and for travel, corporate cards for companies, and exclusive cards.

There are power points that customers are able to earn when they use cards such as the Platinum card and the Gold and More card. The information on these two cards is as follows:

SBI Platinum2 points every time the user spends Rs 1005x points when using card for international purchases, dining, and department stores

SBI Gold and More1 point per Rs 10010 points per Rs 100 in Groceries and Department stores

When a customer would like information about their SBI card account, there’s a user-friendly website that they are able to visit to have their questions answered.

sbi credit card login:click here

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